Every Collingwood Minor Hockey player will be required to purchase their own hockey socks at a special discounted price. Discounted price of $15 per pair will be available until August 15th to ensure on-time delivery date. That is a savings of $10 per pair. 


All socks will be ordered at once on August 16th and available for pickup at Play It Again Sports in Collingwood, 3 weeks after the August 15th deadline. 


Hockey sock sizing is about as easy as it gets: it is simply measured as the length of the
sock. The sock will run from your ankle to about 75% of the way up your thigh.


Please provide players full name, division, and parental contact information under billing address in the areas provided. 

Collingwood Jr. Blues Home and Away Hockey Socks

C$50.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price